Edmund Low is a commercial photographer, with work ranging from producing images for corporate clients to theatre photography and film production stills. His wanderlust to explore new cultures and environments has exposed him to the diversity of people and life. This exposure has been molded to his own perspective and translated into his images, bearing intensity and attitude. To him, the gripping part of being a photographer is to engage in thought for any given subject, and to ponder upon its various forms of aesthetic presentation and meaning. This form of image indulgence is Edmund’s addiction.

The lure of the underwater realm, with its serenity and adrenalin, has proven to be irresistible. He has been diving for over a decade and is a PADI scuba diving instructor, with the rating of Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT). His journeys on land and sea are documented in photographs (see Projects).

To share his indulgences, Edmund conducts photography courses, including underwater photography.